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>> Friday, March 26, 2010

On Wednesday, I spent at least half of the day weeding! With my large brimmed hat, long sleeves, knee pads, gloves and my trusty weed removing table fork, I got out and kicked some weed!

So what is the best way to control weeds especially on the east side of Hawaii where the rainfall germinates millions of the buggers! I have learned from my MG that chemicals work, but I prefer organic methods (at least most of the time).

Above are some of the new little seedlings amongst my rocky soil!

So what are some of the organic methods for weed removal?
  • Good old fashioned yanking
  • Mulching - this is where your compost is most needed!
  • Weed Fabric or Plastic
  • Cardboard
  • Prevention - Try not to let your weeds go to seed!
  • Flaming - use of a propane torch to nuke the little buggers
I have recently read about vinegar and corn gluten as weed killers, but have not actually used these products. Apparently, the vinegar should be applied when the sun is shinning and in the heat of the day.

The University of Hawaii puts out a white paper on controlling weeds.


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