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Plant Pathology - Who Knew?

>> Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I saw so much plant disease and pest pictures today it is amazing anything grows!  The first half of our class today was conducted by Dr. Scot Nelson from the University of Hawaii, also known as the Plant Doctor.  Check out his website. Of course he is Hawaii-centric, but these pathogens are everywhere!!!

About 80% of his lecture was looking at pictures of diseased plants, from virus to microscopic nematodes to the common aphid! Yuck! But, I loved it!  I can't wait to checkout the website!

Actually, I went home after class to look a one of my new gardenia plants that has not grown much and the leaves are beginning to yellow.  Well, I found lots of little black mites? on the underside of the leaves!  I blasted them with water.  Gone for now!  I think I might also have some powdery mildew on another gardenia.  I hope I do not become a plant hypochondriac!  Is there such a thing!

Trees and tree pruning was the second half of the class.  Not quite as exciting for me, but fun! I did take some pictures.  The camera will be a tool I take to class from now on.


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