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Artistic Tuesday - Pruning

>> Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Art can take many forms and "a pruned plant" is one such form.
I found the picture to the above on another blog I follow, Fennel and Fern.  It got me thinking of "pruning" as an art form.  Ah ha, but of course!  There has alway been the bonzai, and the famous Walt Disney topiaries. And of course the formal English Gardens. 
 French formal parterre at Villandry in the Loire Valley

But what about us simple guys?  Can we prune our garden to make an artist statement without spending hours doing it?  Well of course! And the first picture in this post shows the simple possibilities.  Only the row of trees is pruned to the same height, higher then one would expect in a natural setting.  It brings special attention to the flowers below, creating a pleasant and simple artistic picture...

For more information on pruning check out these sites:  

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