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First MG Class

>> Friday, February 19, 2010

By the time I reacted the MG classroom, (I was 15 minutes early) half of the classroom was already populated with my fellow MG "Trainees", at least that is what our name tags called us "Trainee"!

We listened to some introductory lecture and finally introduced ourselves to one another. A Botanist, an Illinois Master Gardener, a small business owner working with the disabled, school teacher, everyone had a very interesting story to tell! Wiamea/Kamuela, Lapahoehoe, Volcano, several classmates are traveling far to attend the MG class! More lecture - photosynthesis, respiration, transpiration, dicots, monocot - shades of high school biology!

Then the tour, we visited the secure lab where disease and pest testing is conducted and learned that virus is a real threat to plant life in Hawaii. We toured the grounds. There are plans for a walking/bicycle trails, more composting and gardens, but it is obvious that more hands are needed! So, my first volunteer hours may be in the garden, joining fellow MG and friend Laureen!

Finally, the pizza party! First meeting the certified MGs, short introductions, lots of pizza and friendly conversation! A good day!


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