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An Innovative Idea - The Windowfarms Project

>> Sunday, April 11, 2010

Perhaps many of you have already found this information.  Life on a Balcony is where I found the link to The Windowfarms Project. I love the grass roots vibe, the urban setting and the R&D process!

Lots of us garden bloggers have plenty of outdoor space for growing vegetables.  Even on our 1/2 acre in Hawaii we plan to establish some raised gardens beds soon. But urban centers are another story and kudos to Britta!  Actually, growing in one's apartment might be analogous to growing in a greenhouse.  For us gardeners in Hawaii indoor growing might keep out those pests!  Or, will it bring them in?  Although I do not live in an apartment, perhaps someday soon I will find the time to try a windows farm!  Love it!


Anonymous April 12, 2010 at 3:15 PM  

Hi Susan~~ I found your blog on Edith's site [fellow Blotanist.] As a kid, I spent four and a half years living near Pahoa so I feel a bit of an attachment to those of you living around my old stomping ground.

I took the Master Gardener course in 2002 and enjoyed it very much. Congratulations to you.

That giant lizard is a true work of art. Love it.

Nice blog!

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